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Includes all Accessories:high / low kit Offset and trophy bowlsSide BoardsStudio wheelsPneumatic wheels4x Batteries Panther Classic DollyThe Panther Classic's Main Feartures are:Panthers new High-Low Turnstile it integrates the High-Low Rig , Offset Rig, all Bowl Adapters see downloads.Is as simple as it is robust.The electro-mechanical drive has proved itself over decades.The Classic in its basic model already has much to offer. With its CPU-controlled center column and its pivoting wheel arms, it can be easily adapted to many diverse shot angles.4 Panther batteries3 Dust covers for steering hub1 Panther Classic controler1 Panther Classic steering rod long1 Panther Classic steering rod short1 Panther Classic adjustable seat arm1 Panther Platform set1 Panther Charger with 2-way cable1 Panther Classic Set of 8 studio wheels1 Panther Classic Set of 8 soft wheels1 Panther Evolution pneumatic wheels with caseStandard Accessories 4 Panther Carrying bars1 Panther 2nd seat adaptor1 Panther Assistant seat adaptor2 Dolly seat round1 Seat arm offset 10cm1 Seat arm offset 20cm1 Seat arm offset 30cm1 Seat arm straight 10cm1 Seat arm straight 20cm1 Seat arm straight 30cm5 Connecting bolt for seat arms1 Seat bolt to 28mm lamp holder1 Panther Accessory Case1 Panther Rain cover

Panther Dolly

  • The Dolly will only be hired out with a member of our team, a Key Grip, or Grip Assistant on Freelancers Promotions Crew List

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