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In 2002, the Alpha 4K was the first Fresnel fixture designed by K5600, and the first Fresnel to offer an Open Face option. It was, and it’s still the smallest 4K Fresnel on the market : depth of the Alpha 4K is reduced by more than 30% compared to traditional Fresnel fixtures.

Essence of versatility

The Alpha 4K’s concept is to create a more compact and lighter fixture with interchangeable Fresnel lenses, giving the end user more options than just Flood and Spot. It offers great versatility from Open-Eye (86°) for extra wide beam with a single hard shadow, to precisely controlled Fresnel from 7° to 65° using the two different Fresnel lenses: Spot or Flood. The Alpha 4K can be also used in 2.5K : changing the bulb is easily done in seconds thanks to the lamp installation using a quick release latch on the ceramic G38 socket.

Output and reliability

The reflector is made of a composite of Quartz, which resists high temperatures (1200°C). Even though this material is white, its performance is higher by 10% than the regular aluminium reflector. Thanks to the combination of this reflector and the unique air ventilation system of the Alphas, the unit can be operated pointing straight down without damaging any component.

4Kw 5600 Alpha